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Free UPS Worldwide Express Delivery on all orders

2x 1200cc Fuel Injectors 114lb for Mazda RX-7 13B FC3S 1.3L Turbo High Impedance

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$117.00 - $117.00
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2 X 1200cc FUEL INJECTORS - Flow Matched/ASNU Tested - fit Denso/Aisin 

-Connectors are included
-OEM Part Number: 1001-87F90

  • Genuine KSM Motorsports Part
  • fit Denso/Aisin
  • 1200cc flow rate @ 3 bar
  • Flow matched 2 piece set
  • Top-feed Injector
  • High Impedance (~ 12 ohms) - so no resistor box required and works with most ECUs
  • Dead/Latency Time : 1.28 msec
  • 12 month Warranty
  • E85 Friendly and regular pump fuel
  • 11mm top o-ring


-1989-1991 Mazda RX-7 Engine

-04-11 Mazda RX8 13b RENESIS w/ Turbo

    -Easy used with / adapted to many Japanese top feed fuel systems eg CA18DET, RB20DET RB26DETT, 4AGE, 4AGZE, 3SGE, B6T etc

    -Suitable for MAZDA RX8 13B ROTARY 1.3L

    -Suitable as for 1UZFE Toyota V8*

    -Suitable as for RB26DETT (R32, R33 and R34) and RB20DET top feed fuel rails.

    Including plug and play wiring adapters as pictured.