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Free UPS Worldwide Express Delivery on all orders
Free UPS Worldwide Express Delivery on all orders


All orders are shipped with FREE UPS Express Delivery Service. This means:

  • 1 Business Day Delivery to all EU and other EEA Countries.
  • 2 Business Days Delivery to the Rest of the World (i.e. North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania)

* Handling Time: 0-1 business day (depends on the time you place the order)

Business day for our logistics department is considered Monday to Friday. However, as a matter of business trust and highest quality standards, our team is also committed to dispatch all weekends' orders on Monday morning.

Important notes:

1. The above mentioned delivery terms apply after the package is received by UPS couriers.
2. Packages are collected by UPS within same/one business day (depends on the time you place the order).
3. Pickup of packages by UPS is made Monday-Friday. Delivery of packages is made Monday-Saturday to the majority of the countries.
4. Therefore, in the scenario of Friday's orders, packages will be collected by UPS on Monday morning, and will be exported to the destination country accordingly.
5. The delivery time may vary and be extended in certain cases outside of our control such as public holidays in Cyprus, Christmas and Easter or bad weather conditions.
6. Any custom and import charges that may apply in countries outside the EU, is responsibility of the buyer.