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Free Worldwide Delivery with UPS Express!

6x Female Bottom slot Subaru to male fuel injector for Nissan Toyota Subaru

Precio original $49.50 - Precio original $49.50
Precio original
$49.50 - $49.50
Precio actual $49.50
6 x Adapters Nippon Denso Fuel Injector Connector Bottom Slot for Nissan Toyota Subaru

  • PLUG and PLAY
  • You buy these in order to use Denso Fuel Injectors (with the side alignment slots on the bottom) in a vehicle that has Nissan Side Feed Connectors.
  • This is a set of six (6) PLUG and PLAY adapters
  • The adapters are manufactured using high temperature cross-linked polyethylene TXL wire, high temp resistant pins and seals to ensure a secure, long lasting, moisture free connection
  • Application: These style plugs fit on many makes of Nissan Toyota and Subaru. Please check pictures carefully and messages us in case you need help.

 If you want to buy the set which includes also the injectors please visit our eBay store or just contact us!