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Buy two products and get 30% discount on a 3rd product!
Buy two products and get 30% discount on a 3rd product!

Set 4 EV14 EV6 Fuel injector Connector Wiring Plug Pigtail Harness Adapter Clip

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$45.00 - $45.00
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Set of 4 EV14/EV16 UNIVERSAL fuel injectors pigtails

  • Fits ANY RC, Bosch EV6 EV14 Fuel Injectors USCAR connector
  • This is a set of four (4) EV14/EV6 fuel injector connectors/pigtails as shown in the front picture of the listing.
  • The pigtails are manufactured using high temperature cross-linked polyethylene TXL wire, high temp resistant pins and seals to ensure a secure, long lasting, moisture free connection
  • Cut and splice style,you can choose the length of the plug and eliminate unnecessary electrical connections when using the plug and play style clips.
  • The harness measures 11" in length, giving you plenty of extra wire.This pigtail harness makes upgrading to EV6/EV14/USCar style fuel injector a breeze. 
Application: These fuel injector pigtails allow you to quickly connect and disconnect your fuel injector harness from your fuel injectors and are featured on many applications such as Dodge, Ford 4.6L Mustangs, GM LS2, LS3 & LS7 (plastic body Bosch EV6 EV14 fuel injectors) as well as many other applications using the USCAR style connector.

 If you want to buy the set which includes also the injectors please visit our eBay store or just contact us!